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What Is Anna’s Army, Inc?

Anna’s Army, Inc. is a team of volunteers, family members and friends, working together to help raise awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) through fundraising, Anna’s Army gear sales, and so much more. We do not limit ourselves to anything, for it all is reachable with help from everyone who gets involved.

Anna’s Army, Inc. has donated over $100,000 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through our 10 years of fundraising and awareness we are well on our way to reaching $200,000 raised already in just a few short years. We plan on passing that and pushing on, harder and harder until we have made the difference needed. A better quality of life! A CURE!

Anna’s Army, Inc. came about in 2002 when a local Great Strides Walk came to Wilmington, Ohio and we had been given an envelope that talked about a walk that would raise money for the very disease that Anna had, CF!! We were on that! All we had to do was come up with a team name that would put us on the books! This was our way of making sure we could help Anna and all the others with CF have just what they deserved, a CURE!! Along the way we brought the Great Strides Walk to Hillsboro, Ohio our hometown and then 3 years after having the walk in town the ultimate sacrifice was made for our team, Anna had passed, but not without leaving behind a true legacy of what life, love, and happiness really is.

In 2009 the Highland County Commissioners proclaimed the 3rd Friday in April to be Anna’s Army Day every year. We gather with hundreds and hundreds of our closest community members to remember Anna’s fight, and her will to help others. We gather on the court house lawn right in the center of downtown Hillsboro to celebrate what a difference we have made, and to push harder towards the difference we will make for those battling CF.

Through these years since Anna’s passing we have become familiar with other organizations that would benefit from our awareness and fundraising effort as well as the CF Foundation. These include but not limited to The Boomer Esiason Foundation, The Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. There are many more to come in our years of fight but as we have journeyed through time this far in our fight these have stood out to us the most.

We have a moto that we go by and it continues to be what we stand by while battling this disease and all the ups and downs CF has on a daily basis. “Together Anything Is Possible” Because it truly is possible when we are all working towards the same goal. Anna called it a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster of good and bad, where on one big hill was so much joy, then just around the bend and flashing down the next hill was the fight of your life!! 

Come stand with us through these rollercoaster days and find out just how precious and full life really can be through the eyes of CF. Yes there are so many more sacrifices to be made before we can truly have a CURE, but we fight for a better cause, a better quality of life! Because we live for the here and now, and it needs to be to the fullest that is possible. So come join hands with us and help us give those whom have CF now and for those who are still to come in our futures that gift, the gift of life! The gift of a quality life!

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